What are the Benefits of Steel Buildings

Steel building in an arcAre you thinking about putting up a warehouse or other type of private or commercial building? There are a number of different construction options that you might consider. Following are some of the main reasons why pre engineered steel buildings may be your best choice.


Steel buildings have a very high strength to weight ratio. In fact it is among the highest of all building materials. What that means is that it can withstand very heavy loads and not bend, twist or lose its structural integrity. That is the main reason that every sky scraper and other large commercial building in the modern age have steel as its main construction component. Having great strength also allows builders to use much longer beams than those made of wood. That can be a big advantage when you want to create wide-open interior space. In addition, longer individual beams require less material and help save on labor costs.


A big advantage of steel and metal building components is that they are up to 50% lighter than their wood equivalents while still retaining the same or superior strength. That helps make it easier to move and install materials at the job site


Steel does not require as much concrete or other materials to create a solid foundation upon which to build. Steel posts can be set sufficiently deep into the ground so they will be more than sturdy enough to properly support a building.

Protection against Pests, Mold and Mildew

Steel is impervious to termites and bugs. Rodents and other small pests do not gnaw on steel like they might gnaw on wood. That means that steel will not be weakened by the habits of living creatures. Weather conditions have very little effect on the structural integrity of steel buildings. While water infiltration might cause some rust, it does not have any significant impact in anything other than cosmetic appearance. Mold and mildew can not grow on steel - they need an organic surface to thrive. That can help prevent breathing problems and other health concerns.

Recycling and the Environment

From an environmental point of view, steel is actually a very “green” building material. Steel is 100% recyclable. When an old building is torn down, one of the first things that are salvaged is the steel. More steel is recycled and re-purposed than all of the glass, paper, aluminum and plastic combined. Another important way steel is good for the environment is that it crates far less waste that goes into our landfills. A typical house built with a steel frame and steel components generates about 1.5 cubic feet of waste. Compare that to the almost 50 cubic feet of waste generated to build a wood frame house of the same size.

Fire and Insurance Costs

Steel buildings are not nearly as likely to burn to the ground as buildings made of wood. While the materials that form the interior walls might burn, when the fire is extinguished, the steel frame will still be standing. Premiums to insure these types of buildings may be lower than those that use other types of construction materials.

Steel Buildings Look Better Than Ever

Toro Steel buildingSteel buildings do not have to look plain and ordinary anymore. You may have an image in your mind of the typical metal structure that was functional and not much more than that. But things have changed dramatically in the pre-engineered steel buildings business. Attractive exteriors are now engineered to make a façade look like more traditional building materials, and you cannot tell the difference unless you make a close inspection. They have all of the benefits that building with durable steel provides, and now you can have a building that is aesthetically pleasing as well.

Practical, attractive and customizable
It may come as surprise to you that steel buildings are popularly used today to house many of the places where you frequently go as a visitor, a patron, or a parishioner. Sizes range from as small as 20 x 30 square feet or as large as 50 x 60 square feet for the most popular models, and custom sizes are just as easy to obtain as are the standard ones. These structures are used for churches, airplane hangars, housing for farm animals or a family, private or commercial storage, and campground and park shelters as well as for commercial and industrial facilities.

Sites are available online where you can specify the size and shape, the color and every aspect of a customized steel building and get a quote on a price within minutes. You can hook up with some of them on your favorite social media site and find extensive information about them that way, as well as getting comments from other prospective clients.

Cost savings through technology
Advances in technology and the machinery used in constructing pre-engineered steel buildings have allowed companies to provide high quality buildings in a short amount of time and with amazing efficiency. You get the benefit of the improvements in streamlined construction methods that eliminate the waste of time and materials by saving money on your project and getting a superior building as well.

If you have had to wait for a carpenter to slowly complete a building for you and for the weather to allow progress to continue, you may enjoy the sure schedule that you can get when you choose a pre-engineered building for your next project. Everything moves like clockwork, and there are no variations caused by inexperience, weather problems, mistakes on plans or any other reason. Professional engineers work with you to design the building you want, and the extent of quality control on welds and structural composition that exists in production areas assures you of a quality product that meets your specifications in every way.

Pre-engineered steel buildings give you a long term solution to an immediate need, and they do so with style and aesthetic appeal in addition to providing secure and stable housing for a variety of purposes.